Published On: Sat, Aug 25th, 2012

Drug boats destroyed

ORANJESTAD — Boats that were used to bring drugs ashore and confiscated last May were destroyed yesterday morning under supervision of the Public Prosecutor. After a month’s long investigation by the Criminal Investigation Team (RST), KPA and the Coastguard swung into action on Thursday, May 10th. Two persons were arrested at sea and numerous kilos of cocaine were confiscated, including the drug boats. On that same day three persons were arrested and several house searches were conducted.

Peter Blanken, field officer of Justice, told the Amigoe that confiscated goods were often destroyed, especially goods that aren’t allowed on the market, such as weapons or drugs. Goods that are used to commit a penal act are often destroyed as well. However, such goods could also be sold or given away to benevolent societies. “In this case, the owners parted with their possessions.” Considering the boats were of little value and the latter dropping relatively quickly, Blanken said it was hardly worth the effort to sell them. After all, storing them is expensive, said the field officer. Blanken indicated that the Public Prosecutor wants to set an example with this destruction. Whether this would really deter drug dealers, Blanken replied ‘every little helps’.

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