Published On: Thu, Sep 13th, 2012

Insurance Company files complaint agains Giordano

ORANJESTAD - The 51-year-old Gary Giordano was arrested last year in Aruba in connection with the disappearance of his traveling companion Robyn Gardner. Giordano was suppose to get  $ 1,500,000 from the insurance because o f the disappearance of Gardner, but the company stopped this.

Giordano bought travel insurance for himself and Gardner two days before their vacation to Aruba. Society, AMEX Assurance Company, considers the policy is not legal because Giordano was not married to Gardner, the two business partners were not together or did not own properties.

Giordiano was  also accused of lying. He has indicated on the insurance forms that Gardner was his partner while the pair, according to the company, has a 'casual and non-exclusive "relationship. The fact that Robyn is still missing, does not help Giordano’s case. According to the company, there is, besides Giordano's statement, no other evidence that Gardner is deceased.

Too little evidence
Giordano was arrested last August at the airport of Aruba. A few days before the arrest Gardner was reported missing. According to Giordano they were together snorkeling when Gardner was pulled along by the flow. Giordano was arrested, but released in November, because there was not enough evidence to hold him longer. He traveled back to his hometown Gaithersburg, Washington.

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