Published On: Sun, Oct 7th, 2012

Leopoldo Lopez: We met our goal, we have witnesses in 100% of the polling stations

CARACAS - According to reports from La Patilla, the national coordinator, Leopoldo Lopez, said that the Commando has presence in all polling stations in Venezuela. "At this time we can say that we fulfill our goal, we fulfill the goal we established in these months of campaigning. We can say that at this time we have witnesses in 100% of the polling stations in Venezuela, which guarantees that witnesses from Commando Venezuela are in every station with a mission to enforce the law, that there are no abuses or irregularities and to given due attention to our constituents, that facilitates the process and makes it more productive.”

Lopez said that it is important to remain calm in the voting process. "We know we're excited at this moment in Venezuela, there were a lot to look forward to the arrival of October 7, so we call on people to hastily cast their vote and to wait for the voting machine to quickly issue proof of your choice. It is important to remind these people that if they push the word VOTE before the face of the candidate of their choice is displayed, the vote will be invalid. So pressed the option of your choice on the ballot, wait out the picture of your candidate on the screen and then press vote. That way we do not run any risk of losing our vote."

He thanked the Venezuelan people's receptivity to the call to vote on Sunday 7 October. "We from the Command Venezuela are very happy, we are having a special day of participation, a day that is even beyond our expectations. We thank all Venezuelans who attended our call to vote early, as a commitment to our democracy and our Venezuela. It was smooth, massive and participatory, so the call is those who have not come to vote, get out as soon as possible to exercise their sovereign right."

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