Published On: Mon, Mar 11th, 2013

LPM expresses dismay with political rivals

Castries Saint LuciaCASTRIES, St Lucia – At a time when the people of Saint Lucia are said to be clamouring for a new direction out of the nation's fiscal woes and are demonstratively growing weary of the constant, petty political bickering between the Saint Lucia Labour Party and the United Workers Party, the Lucian People's Movement (LPM) has assured them that it will never attempt to use the wage negotiation impasse to gain political leverage.

As a political organization that has committed to a  principled position of not allowing the need for votes to dictate its positions on issues—especially those which pertain to good governance and the need to show greater responsibility regarding the fiscal management of  the island’s scarce resources—the LPM said it is proud to have raised the matter of the mismanagement of the country’s embassies and consulates abroad, which have contributed in some measure to its inability to meet fiscal responsibilities at home.

“We also hope that our earlier admonishment of rival political organizations to abstain from political mischief that could prove costly to the country is heeded. Yes, we acknowledge the reckless behaviour of the Saint Lucia Labour Party during the 2008 wage impasse; however, while it is fair game to point to the mistakes which Kenny Anthony and the SLP committed in opposition and to take them to task for the current management of our country, now is not the time to seek revenge at the expense of a nation struggling to lift its head above a mountain of debt,” the LPM said.

“While the LPM intends to continue highlighting the shortcomings of this government, the people of Saint Lucia can rest assured that our brand of opposition will also be solution driven,” the LPM concluded.

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