Published On: Thu, Dec 27th, 2012

Marlin: Coalition not on any shaky ground

PHILIPSBURG – "There is no shaky ground whatsoever" where it concerns the National Alliance (NA)/Democratic Party (DP)/independent three I-3 coalition, said Deputy Prime Minister and NA leader William Marlin on a recent edition of radio show "People's Voice" with host Lloyd Richardson.

The Daily Herald reports that Marlin was asked whether there were issues in the coalition. He said, "There is no reason to believe that government will not survive until the next elections" in 2014. He noted that in any coalition, especially one with five partners, "you can imagine the kind of situations" that can occur.

DP Member of Parliament (MP) Roy Marlin had raised concerns in mid-December about the way the St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies was being handled. NA parliamentarians had responded by saying that 10 seats minus two seats would still ensure there was a government, meaning that if DP withdrew its support from the coalition the government would not fall.

"Politics in St. Maarten is what it is," said Marlin. "Within the parties themselves you will end up having rivalry. So the rivalry begins in the parties themselves." This can lead to coalition partners and party members "making certain statements, moves and knocking on certain doors" to strengthen their positions now and in future elections.

"When you have five partners making up government, we want to stay and return with as much strength as possible," he said.

As for opposition United People's (UP) party, Marlin said, UP members are in "an all-out war. They have declared war on any- and everything" even if it is done well or acceptably. He said UP is "a little worse" than the United States' Republican Party. Due to that party's political stance there is tremendous hostility in the community.

Image: Roel Wijnants Fotografie

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