Published On: Thu, Dec 5th, 2013

Medellin shines brighter to welcome the holiday spirit

The city of the eternal spring is getting ready to welcome the month of December where locals and tourists alike, will be able to enjoy the festival of lights, parties around the city, music on the streets and traditional Christmas dishes.

MedellinMEDELLIN -  Medellin, recognized as the most innovative city in the world in 2013, is adorned with colored lights that portray Christmas themes, illuminating the streets. The “Alumbrado" as this Festival of Lights is called, is a unique spectacle where hundreds of volumetric sculptures covered in multicolored lights surround the entire city. This Colombian magical tradition begins on December 1 and runs throughout the month with events, parties, free concerts, traditional group prayers, and tours of the Medellin River where both locals and tourists can enjoy the Christmas lights.

Today, more than 18 million lights become the main attraction of the Medellin River,Medellin1 streets and parks in the city. Additionally, traditional parades are carried through the streets, the facades of the houses are decorated with paper lanterns and the city center becomes a traditional Antioquian Village with Christmas decorations on display.

"The Festival of Lights of Medellin is a unique experience that attracts Colombians from all over the country as well as tourists from around the world," said Maria Claudia Lacouture, President of Proexport Colombia. "The holiday tradition of the city is something that any foreigner must live at least once."

Medellin2The Festival of Lights has attracted so much attention among international tourists that more and more people want to see the lights of Medellin. The city welcomes travelers with a light-filled cultural agenda. The city will host different events throughout the city where the lights will shine and people will be able to enjoy several activities during this season without charge.

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS (December 1 to 8)

Cyber Fountain Show

The largest interactive fountain in the city (60.0 x 20.0 meters) located on the EPM building, will have a show full of lights, music and magic combined with the latest technology in 3D.

Video Mapping at the Pies Descalzos Park

Incredible 3D light images will be projected at the Park during three sessions each night, creating an art show full of magic.

Christmas Globe

A large balloon will be located in the Pies Descalzos Park providing the opportunity for visitors to see the Christmas lights from the sky.

Carnival of lights, myths and legends

On December 8, the streets of downtown Medellin will be filled with magic and fantasy. That day, traditional characters of Antioquian culture will parade through the streets dressed in full colors, lights and joy to announce that Christmas is coming. The parade starts at 6 pm at the Pablo Tobon Uribe Theater, will cross Avenida Oriental and San Juan to reach the Plaza of Lights in front of La Alpujarra where it ends.

Christmas Nights at the Pies Descalzos Park (11 to 14 December)

All the magic of the park during the Flower Fair in August will host free concerts every night for four days, from December 11 to 14, with a variety of national and local artists and where visitors will be able to dance to the rhythms of traditional Christmas of Colombia.

"The city adorned with multicolored lights, traditional Christmas food, music playing in the streets of Medellin and the joy that permeates people at this time of year, are proof that Colombia is Magical Realism." Lacouture said.

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