Published On: Tue, Apr 21st, 2015

New York governor arrives in Cuba

cuomo_canelHAVANA, Cuba -- Andrew Cuomo, governor of the state of New York, arrived in Havana on Monday, leading a delegation of New York entrepreneurs visiting Cuba.

During a meeting with Cuba’s first vice-president Miguel Diaz-Canel, the two officials talked about the updating of the Cuban economic model, Cuba-US relations and the prospects for development of the links between the state of New York and Cuba.

Director of the United States Division at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Josefina Vidal, was also in the meeting, as well as several members of that ministry.

Cuomo’s official goal is opening pathways for New York businesses in Cuba.

However, he was circumspect about whether he would raise human rights issues during his meetings with Cuban officials, saying only "when it is appropriate we will bring it up."

Later in the day Cuomo had at least broached the issue in his public remarks when he noted that New York had always welcomed people of all races and that the Statue of Liberty was in New York harbour.

Cuomo said engagement would bring about more positive change than the nation's previous isolationist stance. He also noted that his father, former Governor Mario Cuomo, had repeatedly argued to end the trade embargo.

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