Published On: Mon, Sep 14th, 2015

Obama renews Cuba’s listing under Trading with the Enemy Act in order to extend ties

ObamaHAVANA, Cuba - The recent reauthorization by US President Barack Obama of Cuba’s listing under the Trading with the Enemy Act allows him to keep using executive powers to extend ties with the Caribbean nation.

According to US media, Obama’s action is in tune with his decision last December to re-establish diplomatic relations with Havana.

For Obama to keep making regulatory changes like the recent expansion of travel licences to Cuba he needs the authority established in the Trade with the Enemy Act, officials said as cited by US media.

But without that act, the standing legislation in relation to the island is the Helms Burton law, the embargo legislation that bans all trade and travel to Cuba.

According to ABC News, the US administration plans to ease travel and business with Cuba through changes in regulations relevant to the Department of the Treasury and the Federal Aviation Administration. But these and other changes need the authority established by the Trading with the Enemy Act.

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