Published On: Thu, Nov 17th, 2016

Regional organisation promotes intellectual property, innovation, and technology in the Caribbean

intellectual-propertyMONTEGO BAY - The Caribbean and Americas Intellectual Property Organization (CAAIPO) was established in October 2015 under the laws of Jamaica, in response to the need for substantial research, information and action in the field of intellectual property law and policy in the Caribbean.

The organization is a collaboration of experts in the field of international intellectual property law and policy, economists, and legal practitioners with years of experience and a world view of international Intellectual property that stresses the importance of science technology and innovation.

A major objective of CAAIPO is to reach out to communities of entrepreneurs, creators, crafts-persons, producers, and other interested persons in the Caribbean, to educate and inform them about intellectual property and how it may be used for benefit.

CAAIPO has offices in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and New York, USA, and is a non-profit organization with an established reputation of expertise in the new and ever increasingly important area of Caribbean intellectual property. They collaborate with governments, other international organizations, and individuals to promote the development of innovation economies in the region, to foster the greater use of IP rights, and to create jobs.

The organization partners with international organizations in the US, scholars and attorneys across the Caribbean, Latin America, and the world to provide services in intellectual property. From years of practical experience in the region, the organization’s leaders have leveraged expertise that understands the business and cultural norms of the region as well as the differences across the legal systems.

CAAIPO provides thought leadership, roundtables, workshops, seminars, lectures and other training opportunities, giving guidance and leadership in the field of intellectual property to governments, private enterprises, non-governmental organizations, producers of traditional arts and craft, artisans, creative entrepreneurs, and all interested parties. It also provide mediation and conciliation services for disputants in intellectual property which can be conducted in person or online. CAAIPO also offers business services and technical advice in intellectual property.

As part of its mandate, CAAIPO collaborates with the WIPO Match project and the USPTO to develop working programs in the Caribbean region, as well as to develop scholarship and research in Caribbean IP. In this regard, its advocacy and research has been presented at high-level meetings in Washington, DC, and will be continued in upcoming conferences in Asia and the USA, and at the CAAIPO inaugural conference in Jamaica in July 2017. Interested persons may follow it on Twitter and Facebook for continuous updates.

CAAIPO is the result of years of work in scholarship and practice of international intellectual property law and policy and in Caribbean Intellectual Property law and policy, and the organization provides a comprehensive holistic approach to intellectual property in the Caribbean region. The organisation looks forward to helping the region in promoting innovation, technology and intellectual property for development.

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