Published On: Wed, Nov 16th, 2016

Still no jail for former Cayman Islands football chief as sentencing hearing postponed again

webbGEORGE TOWN - For the third time over the last year, the US federal sentencing hearing for Jeffrey Webb for his convictions in the FIFA bribery scandal has been put off and the former Cayman Islands and regional football boss remains under a limited house arrest in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to reports from the sports news website, Inside World Football, Webb’s lawyers managed to postpone the court hearing for the third time and he will now be sentenced next May – two years after his arrest in Zürich on corruption conspiracy charges.

It is not clear why Webb requested or was given the adjournment but it continues to impact his possible extradition back to the Cayman Islands to answer charges in another corruption case relating to an $11 million contract scandal at the hospital in George Town.

Webb has been charged in that case with fraud and money laundering offences. His business partner, Canover Watson, was convicted after a trial earlier this year and is currently serving a seven-year prison term. During the trial, which took place in Webb’s absence, Watson implicated Webb in the fraud, while he attempted to diminish his part in any corrupt practices.

Until Webb’s case is completed in the US, however, local authorities in the Cayman islands cannot begin the extradition proceedings.

Webb currently remains under electronic monitoring, though he is now allowed to travel further than the confines of his lavish home near Atlanta. Webb was placed under semi-house arrest after raising a bail of around $10 million, based mostly on luxury goods and property.

He has admitted racketeering conspiracy, as well as wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy and has given up over US$7.5 million to the US authorities so far.

Republished with permission of Cayman News Service

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