Published On: Fri, Dec 16th, 2016

Turks and Caicos elects first female premier

cartwright-robinsonPROVIDENCIALES - According to preliminary results from Thursday’s general elections in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), the British territory has elected its first female premier and at the same time continued a regional trend of ousting ruling parties.

Premier-elect Sharlene Cartwright Robinson’s Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) has returned to power after 13 years with at least ten out of the 15 elected seats in the House of Assembly, with one constituency still undeclared after several recounts.

The PDM won four out of five “at large” all-island seats and at least six out of ten district seats, with one still pending. The former ruling Progressive National Party (PNP) has retained four seats thus far.

Outgoing premier, Dr Rufus Ewing, failed to win a seat in the at large race, as did controversial former premier Michael Misick, who ran as an independent candidate while currently on trial for various corruption-related offences.

None of the other independent candidates or those from the newly formed third party, the Progressive Democratic Alliance (PDA), led by former chief minister and former PDM leader Oswald Skippings, was successful.

The five at large seats were won by:

Sharlene Cartwright Robinson (PDM)
Josephine Connolly (PDM)
Derek Taylor (PDM)
Karen Malcolm (PDM)
Washington Misick (PNP)

The nine district winners thus far, with one (The Bight) still pending, were:

Grand Turk North: George Lightbourne (PNP)
Grand Turk South: Edwin Astwood (PDM)
South Caicos: Ruth Blackman (PNP)
North/Middle Caicos: Ralph Higgs (PDM)
Leeward: Akierra Misick (PNP)
Richmond Hills/Cheshire Hall: Douglas Parnell (PDM)
Blue Hills: Goldray Ewing (PDM)
Five Cays: Sean Astwood (PDM)
Wheeland: Delroy Williams (PDM)

Since 2014, eight regional countries or territories have rejected their current governments, some after many years in office, others (as in the TCI) after just one term:

Anguilla (2015)
Antigua and Barbuda (2014)
Guyana (2015)
Jamaica (2016)
Montserrat (2014)
Saint Lucia (2016)
St Kitts and Nevis (2015)
Trinidad and Tobago (2015)

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