Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2015

U.S. sanctions are not against Venezuela, but against criminals and corrupt officials

B_wIRq4VEAAchnE-599x320WASHINGTON – The U.S. State Department said that Washington is not seeking to destabilize Venezuela, as Venezuelan government authorities have claimed.

This was established by the State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, at a press conference: “We are not promoting destabilization of Venezuela. Rather, we believe that respect for democratic norms and human rights is the best guarantee for the stability of the country” said Psaki.

President Nicolas Maduro asked the National Assembly for "anti-imperialist powers" to respond to the new round of US sanctions affecting seven Venezuelan officials.

The spokeswoman described as false accusations that Washington's actions seek to undermine the Venezuelan government. “The goal of these sanctions is to persuade the Venezuelan government to change their behavior,” said State Department spokeswoman.

The spokesperson said the new round of sanctions on Venezuela is not against citizens of the country or against its economy, but about government officials who have violated human rights.

Psaki also said the U.S. remains an important partner of the Venezuelan people and its economy.

Asked whether the actions against Venezuelan officials somehow affect negotiations with Cuba, given the letter in which Fidel Castro congratulates Nicolas Maduro for his speech rejecting the sanctions, Psaki said the talks with the island will continue its course.

“These sanctions will send a strong message about the fact that we do not accept corrupt officials and violators of human rights,” Psaki concluded.

Image: The 7 Venezuelan government officials sanctioned by the U.S.

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