Published On: Wed, Jun 1st, 2016

Venezuela and Trinidad hold security talks

dillon_security_meetingCARACAS - Venezuela hosted the minister of national security Edmund Dillon and a delegation from the ministry of national security of Trinidad and Tobago for a bilateral security meeting on Monday.

The meeting dealt with issues such as combating illicit drugs and firearms, combating human trafficking, piracy and strengthening border controls, enhanced cooperation in information and intelligence exchange, the detention of nationals in both Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela and planning for Exercise VENTRI.

With respect to combating the trafficking in drugs and firearms, both countries agreed to improve information and intelligence exchange so as to facilitate joint operations. A new initiative was discussed regarding the establishment of specific posts at the Venezuelan Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago and at the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy in Venezuela for intelligence, counter-narcotic operations and counter-firearms operations.

To address joint operations to counter human trafficking, Trinidad and Tobago will receive a draft memorandum of understanding from the Venezuelan ministry for the rights of women within the next few weeks. Furthermore, both countries will explore options that would ensure the availability of Venezuelan victims to provide evidence in criminal cases in Trinidad and Tobago.

In treating with maritime security issues, a memorandum of understanding will be developed by both coast guards with respect to joint operations and personnel exchanges. The next joint VENTRI Exercise is scheduled for the first week of August 2016. The commander of the Venezuelan Coast Guard is scheduled to meet with officials of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard from 6-11 June 2016 to plan the next joint exercise.

Dillon requested that the matter involving nationals of Trinidad and Tobago being detained in Venezuela be treated expeditiously as the matter comes up for hearing on 7 June 2016.

Dillon also presented a draft memorandum of understanding on security cooperation, which will be submitted via official diplomatic channels to the government of Venezuela for consideration.

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