Published On: Fri, May 13th, 2016

Venezuelan government denies funding left-wing party in Spain through St Vincent bank

europacbankKINGSTOWN - In a statement on Thursday, the Venezuelan embassy in St Vincent and the Grenadines denounced as a forgery a payment order purporting to show that $272,325 had been transferred on March 11, 2014, to Euro Pacific Bank Limited in Kingstown, for the benefit of Pablo Iglesias, the leader of the Spanish left-wing political party Podemos.

Last Friday, the Spanish daily newspaper OKDIARIO published a document that it said proved that Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro was complicit in making the payment to Iglesias.

The embassy noted that the Euro Pacific Bank had also denied that it had received a transfer of the funds in question or that it held an account for Iglesias.

“In addition Mr Iglesias has spoken about these false accusations and announced that he will take legal action against He argues that the facts reported by this medium are false and based on forged documents, that neither he nor any member of his family has accounts in tax havens,” the embassy said.

The Venezuelan government through the ministry of people’s power for banking and finance has denied issuing a payment order in favour of the secretary general of Podemos, by the ministry or any other individual or legal entity.

“Just to mention a couple of details that show the inaccuracy of the presented document, it was noted that all payment orders made by the Venezuelan state are issued in bolivares and not in foreign currencies, and also in that year the ministry of economy and finance shown in the alleged order, did not exist but was called ministry of peoples power for economy, finance and public bank,” the embassy noted.

Image: Payment order published by OKDIARIO purporting to reflect a transfer of US$272,325 from Venezuela to Euro Pacific Bank in St Vincent for the benefit of Podemos party leader Pablo Iglesias Turrión

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