Published On: Fri, May 2nd, 2014

37 Antillean war victims ‘discovered’

Marnix-Arendshorst-Cynthia-Ortega-Martijn-OCAN-en-auteur-Jos-Rozenburg-447x313WILLEMSTAD - According to researcher Jos Rozenburg, 37 Antillean victims of the Second World were overlooked. Hitherto the official death toll of Antilleans war victims during WW2 was at 129. This is according to the researcher in his book “De Antillen in de Tweede Wereldoorlog” (The West Indies in the Second World War).

The book describes Rozenburg’s eight years researching the Dutch Caribbean war victims. There were very little known about the Antillean victims, because many war archives remained closed during decades. There was no knowledge about 37 war victims. The researcher wanted to give those victims a face.


In the book Rozenburg describes the stories about the German submarine attacks on the oil refineries of Aruba and Curacao. These refineries were of great strategic importance for the allies. Rozenburg estimates that if the refineries were in German hands, the war would have probably lasted two more years. Rozenburg also tells the story of the Dutch Governor Wouters in Curaçao (1940 and 1941) who refused to help European Jews who tried to come to Curacao. The author is also bound to the personal sacrifices Antilleans made in this period.


The book is available starting Monday in Dutch bookshops. The book will be for sale on the ABC islands starting May 20. More information can be found on the website.

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