Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2016

Artistraveler from Curaçao creates a book around the world for children all around the world

IMG_7206-2WILLEMSTAD - "Lala goes the land far away from here" is based on Valerie Parisius travels around the world since 2011.

On a quest to find herself and what really brings her happiness, she rediscovers her passion for drawing and life. Following her heART hasstrip taken her on a beautiful adventure where she aims to color the world one country at a time.

Valerie's inner child Lala

This book makes you see Valerie's travels through the wondrous eyes of her  inner child Lala. Lala is the wild and magical child that lives in all of us. The creative being that is brave, filled with joy and sees life as a big adventure. The innocent part of us that never grows old. It's a story about courage, following your bliss, trust and joy that teaches us never to give up on our dreams in our one and only precious life.

happyEvolutionary book

This colorful book is written and illustrated  by Valerie and is available in Dutch and English. It's  one of a kind book inspired by traditional craftmanship. Every book is uniquely hand bound and made with love. A colorful pattern of stitches stapelboekenon the spine and different textures of paper give a personal touch to this beautiful book. After taking a look at the children's book department, Valerie wanted to create a character that children from Curaçao can identify with and which reflects the multicultural society they live in.

DSC_0006 copyCrowd funding

Valerie started a crowd funding campaign onKickstarter where people can preorder the book or just donate a small amount in order for her to place a minimum order at the bookbinder." The campaign ends on September 5th 2016. If you would like to be part of this wonderful journey and put smiles on children's faces all around the world, please take some time to check out the book and the fun rewards on:








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