Published On: Thu, Nov 13th, 2014

Curacao Airport Holding congratulates KLM with their 80th anniversary in the Dutch Caribbean! Masha pabien KLM!

KLMWILLEMSTAD - On December 15, 1934 the first KLM flight departed from Schiphol to what was then called West Indies. The Fokker F-18 Snip took off that day for a flight that would take eight days to complete.

The flight was originally intended for the route to Batavia but that year, KLM director Plesman has decided to use the Snip for a flight to Paramaribo and Curacao to bring Christmas mail. All redundant cases were removed for the long journey. The chairs and the toilet were demolished from the aircraft to make room for the extra fuel needed for the 3612 km flight across the ocean. The trip was a great success.

Captain J.J. HonDong, co-pilot/navigator J.J. van Balkom, flight engineer L.D. Stolk and10632746_738556072887959_1600862385475329261_n radioman S. van de Molen flew from Amsterdam via Marseille, Alicante, Casablanca, Cabo Verde, Paramaribo and Caracas to Curacao, where they landed on December 22, 1934 at the Hato airport.

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