Published On: Mon, Jan 14th, 2013

Curacao Tumba Festival 2013

WILLEMSTAD – Curacao is in the middle of Carnival Season. There are activities all over the island, but the main event is gearing up and everybody is getting excited for it. The Tumba Festival.

As we have observed before, Carnival was from the onset a celebration which had its own local accents. In the history of the carnival of Curaco an important element is the acceptance of the local form of music and dance called Tumba. Carnival of Brazil has its Samba, Trinidad its Calypso, and Curaco its Tumba.

Weeks before the great march, a special festival is held to choose the winning Tumba, which will be played during the road marches.

The Tumba Festival has become an event, which can count with great interest from the public. The competition is fierce. The winner becomes 'Rei/Reina di Tumba', King/Queen of Tumba.

The Tumba festival nowadays lasts from Monday to Friday, with one day of rest on Thursday.

This year the Tumba Festival starts on January 21 and lasts till the 25. On the 24 there is a day of rest where the participants who have made it to the final will have a chance to work on their Tumba.

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