Published On: Mon, Sep 22nd, 2014

Easy steps to a flawless complexion

Dior Beauty Advisors (2)The Yellow House is known for its expert advice on skincare and make-up.

New products are available on counters on a regular basis.

A brand new product for Dior is Hydra Life Close-Up.

A moisturizer and pore minimizer in one.

Facts about pores

- Pores don't shrink

- Pores are more noticeable when clogged and stretched out

- aging, humidity, hormonal changes, profuse sweating and genetics are some factors that clogs pores

This is where Dior Hydra Life Close-Up comes in, by moisturizing and treating the causes of visible pores and targeting them at their source. Skin is perfectly moisturized and mattified; the skin's texture is smoother, while the appearance of all types of pores is deeply corrected, instantly and lastingly.

It offers skin a silky, subtly glowing finish. The skin's texture no longer has anything to conceal, even close-up, with no need for tricks or operations!

Offering a powdered freshness and holds makeup throughout the day.

Use Dior Hydra Life Close-Up twice a day, for the ultimate results.

For more information visit our Dior counter at The Yellow House in Punda and Fokkerweg.

Achieve a flawless complexion.

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