Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

Employees of CIBC Firstcaribbean contribute to create inspiring classrooms at the Frater Evoniusschool

2015-0811-csn-cw-cibc-firstcaribbean2WILLEMSTAD -- The youngsters at the Frater Evoniusschool started their new school year in classrooms with a fresh and clean look inside and out, thanks to the work done by employees of the CIBC FirstCaribbean as part of this year's CIBC FirstCaribbean Adopt-A-Cause project.

The bank’s employees and a couple of volunteers painted the classrooms of Frater Evoniusschool over a period of three weekends. They collaborated with each other to provide the school children with an environment that would make their learning experience a more pleasant one. Special thanks goes to AVF Paints and Building Depot for providing a discount on the paint and the painting equipment.

Frater Evoniusschool is a school for children with special needs.  About 85 pupils, between the ages of 7 to 14, attend the school where 15 teachers and assistants provide them with tailored education.  These kids need special attention and know-how on how to deal with their learning challenges.

A proper environment that is conducive to education is a must.  Unfortunately, the school facility is not fully optimal and could use some serious improvements.  It is the need and the knowledge about how a fresh and clean educational environment can positively influence these students that motivated the team of CIBC FirstCaribbean, to dedicate their time and efforts to painting the classes.

"We are grateful to the employees of CIBC FirstCaribbean for providing a new look to our classrooms.  Our aim is to develop our students into more independent and useful beings in our community.  Therefore, a proper educational environment is a must,” said the school’s principal Mrs. Solange Kleinmoedig.

“This contribution by CIBC FirstCaribbean will definitely have a very positive effect on both our students as our teachers.  You can always achieve much more in a fresh, clean and attractive environment and increase productivity of the students.  The employees of CIBC FirstCaribbean, truly as a team, planned and converted the classrooms into an inspiring environment for education,” she added.

"It was a pleasure for CIBC FirstCaribbean’s colleagues together with some volunteers to realize this year’s Adopt-A-Cause project at the Frater Evoniusschool. With this, CIBC FirstCaribbean underscores the importance of providing our children with education an environment that motivates them to achieve their best.  Our team enjoyed participating in this effort as it again proved our team's commitment to actively adding value to our community," said Mrs. Lysaira Ortela of CIBC FirstCaribbean.

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