Published On: Sat, Aug 23rd, 2014

ENNIA accepts the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

ENNIA - ice bucket challenge - Mr. Ralph Palm 002 (1024x768)WILLEMSTAD - The President of the Managing Board of the insurance company ENNIA, Ralph Palm, decided to accept the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ today and support the ALS awareness campaign that is currently taking social media by storm. The twist? He challenged his nominees to donate to a local charity or organization as well.

The 'Ice Bucket Challenge' videos have taken social media by storm. The videos are a way to create awareness about the neurodegenerative disease ALS. The social media phenomenon has reached the business community on Curaçao and the surrounding islands as well. An active member of the local business community, Ralph Palm (ENNIA’s President of the Managing Board), was recently challenged by BearingPoint Caribbean and doused himself in ice-cold water today. "At ENNIA we believe it is important to donate our time and resources to initiatives that positively affect the daily lives of our people and increase their well-being. Awareness campaigns, such as the Ice Bucket Challenge, is in line with our business philosophy,” according to Palm. "There are people on our islands who suffer from ALS, so we have opted to donate an amount to the local organization SGR-Groep as well."

However, Palm believes that there are many other worthy causes on the former Dutch Antilles islands that need support, but do not get much attention. "There are many people in our society who live in poverty. Due to limited resources, these people who happen to suffer from a disease or disorder, do not get the care they need. Therefore, ENNIA also donated to a charity we hold dear to our hearts, Fundashon Autismo Aruba. I challenge other companies to do the same." By tweaking the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' in this way, Palm hopes to inspire other businesses to not only join the fight against ALS, but to also make a difference by donating to their local charity or organization of choice.

"On the one hand, we are happy that many local individuals and businesses are accepting the challenge and donating to the fight against ALS. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget that the main goal is to draw attention to a worthy local cause. That is how the Ice Bucket Challenge started and we hope our version of the challenge will create awareness about diseases and conditions that have a big impact on our local communities.” Palm nominated Marc van der Valk of Kontiki Beach Resort, the Minister of Finance of Aruba Angel Bermudez and the Minister of Finance of Curaçao José Jardim.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Although the cause of ALS is not completely understood, the recent years have brought a wealth of new scientific understanding regarding the physiology of this disease. By far the majority of research is funded by donations. For more information about ALS, visit or

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