Published On: Fri, May 20th, 2016

Fifth International Bazaar Uniting for Children Foundation

Fort AmsterdamWILLEMSTAD – A multi cultural event will take place at Fort Amsterdam on Sunday November 201, 2016 called the International Bazaar 2016.

Cultural program

The Bazaar will offer a cultural program with performances by groups and individuals from different countries, with folk dances, poetry, opera and mariachi. The cultural program begins at 10 am and ends at 4 am.

Country Stands

Several countries that make up the Consular Corps of Curaçao will also have country stands. Thus, participation in the International Bazaar was confirmed by Belgium, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Commonwealth, the United States, China, Switzerland and Curaçao.

Here you can buy products from the countries listed above. There will also be many national dishes and drinks sold, including Belgian chocolate and French fries, Dutch herring, American hot dog. There is something for everyone!

For children there is also a special 'kids corner', organized by the Finnish representation in Curaçao.

Uniting for Children Foundation (UFC)

The organization is run by the Foundation for Children Uniting, formed in 2001 by the Foreign Relations and Consular Corps Curaçao.

International Children's Day

The Bazaar will take place within the framework of the International Children’s Day of the United Nations. The purpose of this event is to promote cultural exchange and contributing to a child-friendly multicultural environment where harmony and respect can prevail. The idea is that funds can be raised, with the Bazaar and with the help of the public, for the benefit of children's projects as GreenKidz and Encilia’s initiative. We are very honored that the Governor accepted to be the patron of this event.

Children's projects

The proceeds from the Bazaar goes to children's projects in Curaçao (GreenKidz and Encilia). Both initiatives contributes to providing children with a stable environment (Encilia) and by teaching them to care and be responsible for the environment (GreenKidz). The UFC welcomes other initiatives and projects, where the proceeds of the Bazaar can also possibly be divided. New projects / initiatives for the children can be submitted until  September 1 to the Secretariat of the UFC.

The program starts at 10 am and lasts until 4 pm.

Everyone is welcome. Entrance is free!

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