Published On: Mon, Sep 5th, 2016

From the digital world to Happy Meal, Talking Tom all the way to McDonald’s

MCD-5WILLEMSTAD – Talking Tom is the protagonist in McDonald’s Happy Meal during the month of September. He has invaded the digital world. Tom will bring fun to McDonald’s restaurant on the island. With more than 20 billion downloads worldwide since its launch in 2010, the app of the famous cat has become a world success and very popular among children and adults. This toy will surprise everyone and enjoyed by families and friends.

This Happy Meal toy has a collection of 12 Talk Tom, with 6 different positions. By simply pressing the button on its belly, you will hear him talk. You will also hear impressive phrases if you press the button on its head.

Enjoy your Talking Tom when you buy your Happy Meal at McDonald’s.

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