Published On: Mon, Sep 24th, 2012

Government sees now importance of decompression treatment

WILLEMSTAD - The story around the decompression tank seems not to come to an end. On September 1 the tank would be operational, but now there appears to be no one who can control him. Dive Doctor Michiel van der Huls is now in the Netherlands and was approached to come back to Curacao.

Van der Huls came four years ago to Curacao to work at the "hyperbaric" medical center where the decompression treatment is part of. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment in which patients lay for two hours in a pressurized cabin at an ambient pressure of 2.5 atmosphere and breathe 100 percent oxygen. The therapy provides better tissue of oxygen and promotes healing of radiation wounds, diabetic wounds and certain infections.

A country kid
He was not waived of land regulations. "If you are not a child of this country, you should apply for exemptions for your profession," explains Van der Huls . "I was three years old when I came to Curaçao and grew up on the island, but not born. Therefore, I was not a country kid. "

Requesting the waiver did not work out favorably and after three and a half years Van der Huls decided to return to the Netherlands late February with his family. He has a job in the Netherlands now in the hyperbaric medicine field and also set up his own business. "We advise diving companies in the Netherlands, but also abroad on cases and decompressions. We give such advice by telephone in case of decompression on a boat and how to treat. "

Contact, no contract
Meanwhile is Van der Huls approached by Minister Scoop-Constancia to come back to Curacao to exercise his work. "I've been to Curacao to set up the hyperbaric medication and I am always willing to do this anyway," says Van der Huls. "However everything must be regulated this time. There was contact, but I have seen no contract. I also want to know that the government is serious now and I can do what I want to do. The treatments should for example also be arranged with the insurance. Content is still unknown. "

Good signal
"I've always helped Curacao behind the scenes, without any assistance," continues Van der Huls further. "The government never took hyperbaric medications as a priority: it was not needed on the island. Now they seem to think differently. "Now that it seems that Van der Huls was right, he wants a more positive outlook. "Throwing mud makes no sense. That the government now realizes how important the treatment is, even for tourism, is a good sign. "The minister has already received a positive opinion about the exemptions for Van der Huls, but these should still be handled.


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