Published On: Mon, Dec 29th, 2014

It’s only the 29th of December and already there are so many doggies missing

PetsSome tips that will hopefully help you reunite with your pet asap:
First of all make sure they are wearing a collar with a tag and put your phone number on the collar with a marker. Have your pet microchipped!

Hand out FLYERS with a picture of your dog and your contact info (telephone #) in the area/radius they are missing. Hang them at local markets and snack bars, put them in mailboxes. Drive around looking for them!

Place an ad in one or two local newspapers. Post them on FB Curacaopets Lost-and-found. Hang flyers at pet stores, vet clinics, the shelter and larger supermarkets. Fleeing dogs can sometimes cover big distances, so the more exposure the better. Please be a responsible pet owner and keep you pets SAFE!

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