Published On: Fri, Jun 13th, 2014

Karamba Makamba – a one-man-play – Curacao at its best!

CuracaoJust a few days ago I discovered coincidentally a one-man-play about daily things of life in Curacao written by Carl Singer.

It opens with Mr. Saltvisser sitting on his terrace claiming to have the one-million-dollar-view which nowadays everyone is eager to have. Looking steadily over the wonderful blue sea although not really seeing anything but nevertheless enjoying it day after day. His villa is large having four and one half bedrooms, six bathrooms. The amount of bathrooms being the brainchild of his wife which grew up in what appeared  a rather chique family of seven and they all together had to share one single toilet situated in a corner of their living room.  With the so-called “overwaarde” (profit out of the dubious Dutch real estate inflating game) he made with his old house in The Netherlands he was able to built most of his sea view villa. His house in The Netherlands didn't sell. Carrying all this superficially created overvalue it's seemingly too much of value for everyone. But the bank would have had another game for him. The same person who talked him into the “more value game” tried to convince Mr. Saltvisser to sell the house for a lower price; one would finance the rest for him simply as a loan. But Mr. Saltvisser had a better idea, threw in the key and left for the island of Curacao. It is just like an Eldorado, he means, looking over the dry hill. Although he has all arranged in a classical attractive way the terrace and some steps down to the pool he needs to sell it. But since years no buyer came along, his last hope that one rich Venezuelan would show up and purchase it gets smashed as he hears that the island's airline stopped flying to Venezuela.

On the day where his wife left him a year ago telling him that with no “overwaarde” he wouldn't have any value left for himself he decides to rent out one of his rooms offering the specialty of two bathrooms and the hilarious adventures are rolling in by engaging his gardeners wife to take the phone calls of all the many people who mean he has a house for rent. It all brings a very enjoyable play full of satire and plenty of dark humor. Laughter is guaranteed throughout the play as the author works his way through the different classes of social life which operates seemingly all on the very same moral level. One of Mr. Saltvisser's young female tenants is employed at the revenue office and is expecting its director to visit her past midnight although he couldn't come because there was a police raid at his bar. And many more of such scenarios which let you laugh from one page to the other.

After reading this theater piece which is written in Dutch I really wait to see it performed by an actor fitting Mr. Saltvisser's role. Carl Singer, the author, has done a very good job by collecting the islands significant characters and integrating them into a well written one-man-play. And indeed it shows Curacao at its best!

By Mary Simpson

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