Published On: Wed, Aug 10th, 2016

Lot’s of sports & festivities at the St. Jorisbaai during Endless Summer Sports Festival

PRESS1WILLEMSTAD - The yearly Endless Summer Sports Festival took place last weekend (August 5, 6 and 7, 2016) at the St. Jorisbaai. The event, with no less than 8 sports, was organised to support the fundashon St. Jorisbaai. This foundation aims at children who can exchange good school results for, amongst other things, free surfing lessons.

Besides all the fanatic sports activities, the festival hosted a LIVE music night on Saturday. The bay was transformed into a real party location. PLANE and DJ Paco Felipe made their performances and many people came out to the bay, which contributed to a lot of fun and good fundraising.

“We look back at another fantastic edition of the festival. All sports proceeded with success and the vibe was good on all days! We are glad the event grows each year and visitors and participants always look forward to visit us at the bay.” Says Ed de Groot, chairman of the Fundashon St. Jorisbaai.

The results:


11-14 yrs


Boys 1 Boris van Noort
  Boys 2 Luka Stomp
  Boys 3 Terence Clappers
11-14 yrs Girls 1 Danique Stomp
15-24 yrs Man 1 Stefan de Bell
  Man 2 Delano Morero
  Man 3 Richard Richie
15-24 yrs Woman 1 Anne Koene
  Woman 2 Marjenka de Bell
  Woman 3 Safiya Juliana
25 + Man Old school 1 Roeland Schaeffer
  Old school 2 Derek Sjak Shie
  Old school 3 Richard Konstapel
25 + Woman Old school 1 Monique Meijer
  Old school 2 Christel van Giffen
  Old school 3 Carola de Groot
All ages Pro 1 Taty Frans
  Pro 2 Jean Patrick vd Wolde
  Pro 3 Eddy de Groot


Windsurf Freestyle:

11-14 yrs Prince of the bay 1 Faan Coene
  Prince of the bay 2 Stefan de Bell
  Prince of the bay 3 Luka Stomp
0-80 yrs Queen of the bay 1 Anne Coene
  Queen of the bay 2 Ingrid Bakker
15+ yrs King of the bay 1 Kiri Thode
  King of the bay 2 Ryan Richie
  King of the bay 3 Wave Antonia

Expression Session

  1. Kiri Thode
  2. Taty Frans
  3. Ryan Richi
  4. Wave Antonia



  1. Mathijs van der Teel
  2. Patrick Simonet
  3. Remco Osnabrugge


  1. Pieternel Albersen
  2. Esther van Santen
  3. Fadoua Alaoui


First Prize: Baracuda - 102 cm – Boat: Malu no?

Also the prize for the biggest fish

Second Prize: Baracuda - 87 cm – Boat: Ciao Piscao


1 Men: Taty Frans

1 Women: Stephanie

1 Kids: Guusje Benner



1 Werner & Willem

2 Manuel & Charlotte


1 Werner & Derek

2 Manuel & Guido

The walk and mountain bike ride were held as endurance and as collective performance and therefor did not have a prize ceremony.

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