Published On: Thu, Dec 6th, 2012

Loyalty to the little black dress

When designer Coco Chanel unveiled the first real “ Little Black Dress” 85 years ago, it caused quite a stir in the conservative world of women’s fashion.  Now the iconic garment is so ubiquitous it has its own entry in the Dictionary and online Wikipedia Encyclopedia. Fashion most timeless of octogenarians today remains as much a style statement as it was in its first daring incarnation in 1926—a symbol of simplicity, practical and chic.

With Christmas and the New Year’s Eve celebration approaching, the LBD, as it is known for short, is likely be the sartorial choice of women of all ages and places., eager to exceed elegance or to just play it on the safe side . The fact that the dress can be used in different situations and occasions and can be changed by addition of accessories makes it the most diverse-able piece for every woman’s closet, fashionista or not.

The initial LBD was a simple crepe creation with a high neckline, long fitted sleeves and cut to just above the knee, with no buttons, embroidery layering or fringing or extras. It was meant for any women with little money, to have the possibility of having one dress for the whole season, for the whole year, and be well dressed at every occasion.

Since then, the LBD has gone on to inspire leading designers and high street retailers through the decades, constantly reinvented in shape, cut, fabric and detail but remaining a wardrobe key piece.  Whether it’s Missoni or H&M, costs $1,500 or $29,95, is a size 34 or 42, it is still a little black dress.

The secrets of wearing the little black dress is finding the perfect one for that suits perfectly according to your body type.  If you have narrow shoulders, neck is more flattering and the shoulder seam should fall at or slightly beyond your natural shoulder line, thereby creating the illusion of wider shoulders. A small, capped sleeve can also widen shoulders. For the wider shoulders women with well-toned arms (Lucky You!) show them off with a shoulder seam that stops at the edge of your collar bone, inside your natural shoulder line, or go for a halter neck.

Having a round face and/or body, a square neckline adds a touch of angled geometry to your silhouette and is very elegant. By the same token, a rounded neckline softens an angular face and/or body. If you are large busted, a V-neck will help to break up the bust line by showing more skin and opening up the décolletage area. The amount of cleavage you show is up to you and your sassiness.

Good luck finding your perfect petite robe noire ♥

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