Published On: Sat, Dec 27th, 2014

New Year resolutions ritual!

images-9New year’s resolutions are easy to make but hard to maintain, especially if your goals are set too high for each December, so it’s always better if you plan for a fresh start with small goals instead of large ones, at the end no one can master everything on their list, it is not simple to adopt a new habit and to think about how you want to feel at the end of 2015.

So let’s check out the most common New Year’s resolutions by far

-losing weight or get fit means having good health, without it you can’t really enjoy the gifts of life since you won’t be able to appreciate it, there is a strong relationship between a healthy diet and a well being, it means having more energy, lesser aches, feeling at ease to move around and to breath, plan it on a long term for better results.

-Quit smoking, with a new year to start it’s a good idea to try it, talk to an ex smoker about the attempts and success, calculate the amount of money to be saved if you quit, although it’s a hard habit to get rid of but it will be a good challenge.

-Cut back on binge drinking, being drunk put you at risk of losing control of what you say or do, and causes physical damage on the long run to the brain and liver.

-Get more sleep, this plays an important role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, keeps you in a good mood.

-exercise more often, studies shows that it reduces stress and reverses the effects of aging.

-Rid yourself of enemies and frenemies, apologize for what you did wrong and forgive those who have wronged you.images-8

-monitor your real net worth, your financial situation can affect you in many ways physically and mentally so it’s smart to start with a spending-earning beneficial plan.

-socialize more often instead of becoming addicted to social media, people  with strong social ties live longer than those who don’t have it, health experts suggest that long work hours, little sleep, no exercise and a poor diet can contribute to stress, it’s better to plan for a vacation from time to time to relax and socialize and to be surrounded by friends, family and people you love.

Last and not least, set a goal to always feel happy, positive emotions tend to make people more resilient and flexible, life is short; try to enjoy it to the max.

Happy 2015; may your resolutions come true!

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