Published On: Mon, Jun 30th, 2014

Number one from the beginning till the end – top score for best graduate

AimeeWILLEMSTAD – Aime Voigt has graduated from Radulphus High School with an average of 8.3 points (out of 10). She attended the Voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs (vwo) or pre-university secondary education, which is the highest variant in the secondary educational system of the Dutch Kingdom, attended by approximately one fifth of all Dutch high school students.

After leaving elementary school students are enrolled in different types of secondary schools, according to their academic ability. The vwo course is a six-year course and successful completion allows the candidate admission to Dutch university. The vwo exam is therefore amatriculation exam.

The vwo includes the so-called Gymnasium variant, which differs from the regular vwo variant (also called Atheneum) in that it has Latin and/or Classic Greek as an additional, compulsory part of the curriculum (some schools offer additional courses as well). A limited number of schools offer only the Gymnasium variant. Of all VWO students, around a quarter will elect to follow gymnasium, accounting for approximately 5-6% of all Dutch high school students.

Since her first year at Radulphus, Aime has been number one of her class. She is also active in music and plays the piano. Recently she was part of a piano recital and together with another student of the Radulphus High School; she collected 1800 guilders, which went to the SGR Group.

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