Published On: Tue, Dec 4th, 2018

Opening Nos Naturalesa: Permanent exposition in the Savonet Museum

Part of the expositionWILLEMSTAD - This past Sunday afternoon, the new permanent exposition “Nos Naturalesa” has officially been opened. Veterinarian and board member of Carmabi, Odette Doest together with her flamingo Bob and Warawara Ricky did the opening. This permanent exposition provides insight in the flora and fauna of Curacao and shows which anima land plant species you can find in the Christoffelpark and Shete Boka. By means of skeletons, stuffed animals and other artifacts, visitors get an insight in our rich nature. Besides that, you can find information about Land mammals, insects, reptiles and sea mammals. The exposition is also part of the Nature and Environment Education (NME) program of Carmabi.

Schools in primary education (from group 1 to group 8) regularly visit the Christoffelpark as part of the terrestrial education program of the NME department. They participate in excursions to the park where they are introduced to the diverse flora and fauna the park has to offer. Now they have added a new element to this; a visit to the Savonet Museum.

The Savonet museum offers an exposition about the culture of our island for years. You can view the life of the previous inhabitants and see how life was lived back then. It shows the life from the arrival of the Arowak Indians to our island to now. Because nature also is a very important part of this life and our culture, Carmabi also decided to permanently display this in the museum.

“With this new permanent exposition, we can provide everyone who visits the park and the museum insight in the diversity of the flora and fauna that our island has to offer. Because our island is separated from the mainland, the nature has developed in a remarkable way which you can see almost nowhere else in this world. The Curacao White Tailed Deer is a very unique and rare animal. The most beautiful is, of course, if we meet these creatures in the wild in the park! By providing the exposition we hope we can make everyone enthusiastic about our nature.” Says Cor Hameete, head of the NME department of Carmabi.

The Christoffelpark is open daily from 6 AM – 2 PM. The entrance to the park is 25 guilders per person (local price is 5 guilders when showing your Sèdula), included is a visit to the Savonet Museum. It is also possible to visit the museum separately from the park for 5 guilders per person.

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