Published On: Mon, Sep 14th, 2015

RBC gives special attention to Remedial Teaching

RBC Remedial Teacher 1WILLEMSTAD - Steven Coutinho of the RBC Royal Bank recently paid a special visit to the Remedial Teaching section of the Marnix School. RBC supports several educational projects in the field of teaching and education in general and education for children with special needs in particular. With this visit, the Managing Director, Steven Coutinho, also made a financial contribution to the Remedial Teaching Unit in recognition and as a reward for work well done.

One of the most important tasks of the remedial teacher is the guidance of students with special needs. These are the students that are at risk of falling behind in their development because they have suffered educational disadvantages. These educational disadvantages can be caused by low intelligence, a learning disability (eg. Dyslexia or Dyscalculia), a conduct disorder (ADHD), an attention deficit disorder (ADD) or because of little effort/motivation on the part of the student or from the educators/caregivers.

These students are registered with the remedial teacher (hereinafter called RT) by the class teacher, after which the RT collects information about the student and his/her initial situation. This is done by means of observing the student in or outside of the classroom, conducting tests and/or by analyzing tests that the student already made. The RT then draws up a plan of action that is discussed with the parent/guardian and the group teacher. After a period of six weeks an evaluation follows in which the RT will decide to terminate the process, or to move forward and/or refer the case to private help/tutoring. Contact with the parents/guardians will be maintained throughout this process.

Other tasks of the remedial teacher include providing support to teachers, an active attitude towards the control, deepening and broadening of the didactic knowledge and skills and identifying bottlenecks in group- and school level.

RBC recognizes the importance of the healthy development of every child and welcomes these programs by making a contribution to ensure the continuity and healthy development of the youth.

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