Published On: Thu, Apr 17th, 2014

Re-discover your ‘mondi-side’ – 7 day challenge

MondiWILLEMSTAD -- On Tuesday April 22 the world will celebrate World Earth Day to reflect on nature and environment and the human induced problems related to both.

Curacao Footprint Foundation will pay attention to Earth Day with a week long CHALLENGE, starting Sunday April 20,  everyone can participate in.  We want you to reconnect with nature and participate in the wildest challenge on Curaçao: Re-Discover Your Mondi-Side - 7 Day Challenge!

With this project we want to challenge people to reconnect with nature by getting out into nature for at least

30 minutes a day, 7 days in a row starting April 20 and ending on Sunday April 27.

These are the simple rules of the challenge:

  • 7 Days: The challenge lasts 7 days, meaning that for one full week, you make time to go outdoors and reconnect with nature every day (your garden also counts!).
  • 30 Minutes: Spend at least half an hour per day surrounded by nature. If you want to be out there longer, that is great and di it by all means!
  • No Electronics: Leave your electronics behind while you are re-discovering! Turn of your laptop and your phone, take off your watch and unplug your music.

Photography equipment is the exception, we wouldn’t want to keep you from capturing your wildest moments.

Sign up for great additional stuff Challenge yourself and participate! It's free!

Sign up for the challenge on by mailing and we will send you interesting suggestions from our team to help you re-discovering your mondi-side. We encourage all participants to share their experiences and photos on using the hashtag #mymondiside, or by sending them to us by email to At the end of the challenge we will post the entire #mymondiside album online!

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