Published On: Thu, Nov 15th, 2012

Real men wear leather skirts

Whether they’re called one-legged pants or unbifurcated garments, skirts have become a big presence on men’s runways lately, with designers such as Givenchy and Giuliano Fujiwara unifying pant legs at this year’s Fall/Winter fashion shows. Long, short, narrow, baggy, pleated, fringed they came in all shapes, fabric and styles. The idea of seeing a man with well-trained hairy leg wearing a skirt as daily attire still confuses many thoughts. Designer Marc Jacobs, has been proudly wearing them since 2008, and even Kanye West rocked a leather skirt on the “Watch the Throne” tour. Do you have to be a gay fashion icon or an outspoken millionaire hip-hop rapper to rock skirts?

Almost everywhere in the world skirts are widely accepted and employed, even tough many people (fashion minded or not) still holds some prejudice against skirts as a form of masculine piece of clothing.

Certain designers, like Galliano, have always promoted and highlighted the skirt as a form of masculine dress, but it was not until last seasons fashion shows that the focus on “Men in Skirts” increased. Designer Marc Jacobs has been aggressively promoting the kilted skirt into our heads for the past few seasons, wearing it almost as a uniform when taking a bow at the end of the runway shows. Though all of these men are most likely making a statement with their fashion, I foresee men beginning to rediscover the comfort and practicality of the skirt. If women can wear suits why can’t man wear skirts?

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