Published On: Mon, Nov 10th, 2014

Safely chemically straitening your hair

IMG_3740 (2)Did you now there is an alternative to chemically straightening your hair, with fewer chemicals?

The answer for your unruly hair issues lies at THE YELLOW HOUSE in Fokkerweg.

There you can find PHYTO & PHYTO Specific.

PHYTO Specific Relaxers are true natural technological breakthrough for a new generation of straightening.

"Its hair relaxation assets are 100% natural and have detangling virtues. Result? Gentleness and respect of the driest hair and comfort of the most sensitive scalps! "

PHYTO Specifics relaxers include exceptional straightening properties; paraben-free and Phthalates-free.

An exclusive formula that straightens naturally complex and perfectly curly and frizzy hair, normal to thick, with a maximum of safety. It relaxes delicate and fine hair safely and effectively without the use of harsh chemicals. With an egg- and soy-based formula, this product is odorless and does not contain lye.

PHYTO Specific offers two straightening versions: INDEX 1 and INDEX 2

IINDEX 1 is for Delicate/Thin Hair and INDEX 2 for Normal, Thick, Coarse Hair.

Whichever PHYTO Specific relaxer you opt to use, your hair will be left soft and smooth. PHYTO Specific relaxer won’t get your hair stick straight, instead it gets it straight but leaves the volume, body and life that healthy hair needs. After ONLY one treatment, you’ll notice the difference in your hair.

Relaxing your hair can be incredibly drying, but PHYTO Specific relaxer makes sure that your hair stays conditioned through the process.

We recommend PHYTO Specific relaxers; this is a must-try product!

Visit THE YELLOW HOUSE in Fokkerweg to learn which of the 2 types of relaxers better suite your mane.

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