Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Spectacular Relay Race during Dia di Waaigat

WILLEMSTAD - The Curacao Athletics Association organized for the second time this year the “Relevo di Waaigat” (Waaigat Relay Race). The Waaigat was fully transformed into an event location with athletics, boats, drones and a power extreme challenge. For the first time this year, the Relay Race was part of Dia di Waaigat. An initiative by Fundashon Waaigat and Polar.


Willem Cordillia, president of the Athletics Association looks back on a day filled with sports, entertainment, food and a good ambience. “The Association is proud to be part of Dia di Waaigat and what has been accomplished in a short time with all the different stakeholders.” Says Cordillia. “We are very pleased with the turn-out and with 56 participating teams with the Relay this part of the event was very successful. We thank our sponsors and partners that helped out bringing this event to what it is today.”

Results Relevo di Waaigat (Powered by MCB Bank Curacao & Refineria Isla Curaçao BV):

U9: Trupial 1

U11: Trupial 3

U 13: Trupial 5
U 15: Trupial 7

U 20: Trupial 8

20+: Cheetah

34+: Go Fast 1

Corporate: ISLA Dynamic Shifters

Bario’s: 1st Place:  Jan Doret. 2nd Place: Buena Vista. 3rd Place: Souax Warriors

Forces: 1st Place: Korps Politie Curacao1. 2nd Place: Brigada Hubenil. 3rd Place: VKC

Result Power Extreme Challenge (Powered by Beton Industrie Brievengat):

Winner: Daley Pinedoe

The website of the Athletics Association provides for more information about the event and all the results can be found here. A special Facebook page is created for Fundashon Waaigat ( You can find more information about the foundation and their goals here.

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