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The Art of Awareness

Geneviève Gougo

Geneviève Gougon

Visual artists or anyone who creates often reflects the world they live in into their art or creation in one way or another. For me this is no different. Through my paintings, poems and designs I reflect the world we live in but I also reflect the world that is not so obvious when looking only with our five senses. The spiritual world is just as evident as the world we see manifesting in our day to day life. Were we only able to see it.

When I was a child living in Curacao where I was born, I had no conscious idea of the complexity and at the same time the simplicity of our world. As a child, you just are. Eventually you start moving through life and the mind gets conditioned. I moved to the Netherlands with my family when I was ten years old and my further conditioning continued by influences from a different culture. I went to study art and design and arts and education at the Noordelijke Hogeschool in Leeuwarden, experienced life in its many facets and evolved spiritually and as a human being. These influences formed me to be who I am today. But the most important thing that makes me who I truly am starting long before my mind was molded to believe what is accepted as the way of the world.

Grips of Illusion, 2010  Acrylic on canvas

Grips of Illusion, 2010
Acrylic on canvas

What is left of us when we are stripped from all our false securities and believe systems and are left to rely solely on ourselves? If you were an alien visiting earth you would think human beings were born with a cell phone fused to either head or hand. Or that the computer screen we spend so much time in front off provide light essential for life support. The origin of our food would be in big buildings stored in little plastic trays or cans.

Computers, cell phones and prefab food are just some of the things we've come to rely on in our worldly

Duck Paradise, 2014  Digital collage

Duck Paradise, 2014
Digital collage

world. Or better yet depend on. We depend on a lot of material things, but what about our deepest needs? Don't get me wrong, we need to evolve and it's good to have things such as new technology, communication, good transportation, a trading system and advanced medical care to aid us. And where would we be without the internet? But it might be safe to say we've gotten out of balance by not paying attention to the one subject many of our modern solutions are supposed to aid... our spiritual Self. We cannot ignore our spiritual human development and focus on solutions for material progress alone. We are so much more than flesh, bones and blood.

Trust, 2012 Rope,  acrylic on canvas

Trust, 2012 Rope,
acrylic on canvas

A system of fear and want has crept in on many levels of our societies. It seems we don't really know who we are anymore and what we really need in order to manifest what is truly right for us. We have become too disconnected from ourselves and one another. We stopped listening to our bodies, our environment and our feelings a long time ago. All kinds of problems arise. Harshness, crime, health issues, environmental issues, out of control youth, depletion of our natural resources, corruption, wars. We need to stop drifting away from our true necessities and make sure for instance our social, economic, scientific, educational and spiritual developments are in tune with our being. And yes, maybe systems we fear to let go off will have to give way to ones that resonate more with our higher beings.

There are many ways to deal with today's crucial issues. Even if we don't have all the answers yet, let's at least

Evolution, 2014 Drawing,  watercolor pencil on paper

Evolution, 2014 Drawing,
watercolor pencil on paper

start walking in the right direction. Luckily a lot of people already have in one way or another. For me the right direction is getting to know our true being. Knowing what we're capable of and using the resources and tools given to each and every one of us to manifest a more efficient, authentic, loving reality. We are fully equipped, we just forgot. I believe that when we get involved in activities that require us to be intuitive, close to our core, we remember again.

Unconditional, 2012 Acrylic on canvas

Unconditional, 2012 Acrylic on canvas

Making art is one way of being intuitive. That is why I founded Gougondesign in 2010. A multidisciplinary platform where creativity and spirituality come together. I offer paintings, drawings, digital collages, furniture design, spiritual/art workshops and I write poetry. For me art is a valuable tool to evolve our consciousness. When you create you vibrate with the energies around you and something that wasn't there before the form comes to live. Everything we perceive with our senses is build out of energy.

There are no boundaries in what is possible when you create. When I paint my style is mostly abstract with figurative elements, strong use of color and a wavy organic flow in lines and forms. Sometimes with deeper symbolic meaning, sometimes with surreal elements, my subjects often have to do with spirituality, interactions and transformation. How do things transform, what is the essence of things when the illusion is unmasked?

Show case, 1997  wood, plexi glass,  aluminum, glass

Show case, 1997
wood, plexi glass,
aluminum, glass

Although painting has won a little over designing over the past years, I have a background as a spatial designer and designing small furniture and objects is something I love to do. In my designs I tend to use contradictions in either form or material to achieve balance and harmony which is crucial in my work. Writing poetry has also become a great way of manifesting and organizing ideas. My poems reflect the sides of illusions and realities and that which lies in between. In the workshops I offer, my philosophy is the most important basis. People can enjoy intuitive painting workshops or have a relaxing meditation session.

Through developing our intuition, staying connected to our Source, however you may interpret this to be,

Horizons, 2009 Acrylic on canvas

Horizons, 2009 Acrylic on canvas

going back to our true self and learning to read and work with positive energies all around us and within us, I believe we can create a more authentic and loving society. Creating can be an expression of beauty, and human beings are capable of manifesting beautiful things. When our consciousness is elevated and we are taught to think for ourselves, to make our own choices, and know we do have choices in life, we are more likely to manifest the positive. Art and any other channel, for instance, also sport, which allows people and especially the youth to discover their own capabilities, can make independent, strong human beings with a greater chance of seeing things on a more profound level.

Enchanted Forest, 2012  Acrylic on canvas

Enchanted Forest, 2012
Acrylic on canvas

With a mind filled with new artwork, art projects wanting to manifest and things to develop, I continue to focus on beauty and balance in life and work. Hopefully observing, learning and inspiring, in a gradually evolving society with the true people in true societies. Just because it's so much easier when we just Are. As soon as the right opportunity presents itself, I would like to go back to my roots in Curacao allowing new influences to shape my world in a positive way. Open and ever exploring, let's manifest the positive and be our Self.

Geneviève Gougon, Gougondesign Art. Design. Spirituality.
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