Published On: Mon, Jan 26th, 2015

The matrix of the system

Hidden1_96My name is John H Baselmans-Oracle. On May 27th 2014, I published a book called “De matrix van het systeem” (The matrix of the system). The 56th book in a row. I did not realize this will be so far the most important book I have written.

Shortly after, I placed this book for free to download on the internet. As result a complete wave of reactions, some with the message “This book changed my way I see the world” others with “will you please publish this book also in English”.

Now, 8 months later, the first day of a new year the books (part 1 and 2) with complete 1024 pages are published under the name “The Hidden World“.

Through these two books I want to show you as much as possible the completely blueprint I’ve worked on for years. A part of this book is a collection of quotations from other sources. Therefore I see this book as a manual / reference book for those interested. It’s important to me that finally there is a book where everything that is concealed for us for centuries, is at a glance. Here I simply put those pieces that in my eyes came closest to the truth, and which fitted together like a puzzle. The past has big secrets which still are carefully concealed in the present. By putting everything together we see a strong message: Wake up people.

For free download of these books;

Title: The Hidden World part 1. ISBN 978-1-326-03644-7
File size 2.8 MB

Title: The Hidden World part 2. ISBN 978-1-326-03645-4
File size 3.7 MB

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