Published On: Wed, Jul 1st, 2015

The Mirador – Our airport’s lookout spot

P1040898WILLEMSTAD – In May of this year, the Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) inaugurated the so called Mirador, which is the public viewing area at the airport. CAP invested a good 300.000 dollars in this project for the community. That’s a lot of money, so I decided to go and see if it was really worthwhile investing in such a project that actually does not really contribute to the aviation sector itself.

There used to be a lookout spot there years ago. I remember going there when I was little. For some reason it was demolished and the only things left there were some giant rocks marking the spot where the former Mirador was. But!!! The tradition continued even without an official Mirador. Locals parked dangerously next to the main road to watch airplanes land or leave.. It has become a tradition on the island to watch KLM Boeing 747arrive before going to the arrival hall to pick up a beloved one. Or to wave the giant goodbye when a beloved one is departing. It’s become part of the whole process and local tradition.

P1040922Since the new Mirador was inaugurated, I visited the place quite a few times. I must say that there was always a good crowd. Even in the evening hours it seems quite busy, probably because the new Mirador is illuminated at night, which might give the visiting public a sense of safety. This week, I decided to talk to some of the people there just to get an idea of what they thought about the new lookout spot. I spoke with a guy named Javier, who was there with his daughter and two boys. He told me that he really likes the place. His sons love watching the airplanes depart and arrive. “I like to come here to unwind. I always check the arrival and departure schedule to make sure we get some action while we’re here. I play a game with my boys who can spot the aircraft from afar first. It’s fun. I like the place.”

I also spoke with this guy named Francis, who told me that it’s his second time coming to the new Mirador. First time was to pick up his brother P1040915who was coming from the Netherlands and the second time was to drop him off. “My family and I, we dropped off my brother at the Departure Hall and now we are just sitting here waiting for the aircraft to leave.” When I asked him about the Mirador, he said: “I like it. What we had before was really dangerous. There were cars parked all over the place and people cramped on a little spot. Now we have parking places and a good size Mirador. Yes, I like it.”

I spoke with some other people and they all had positive opinions about the new Mirador. It’s a place to meet, to visit with your kids, to relax, to talk and just watch aircrafts. It’s also a nice place for spotters.

The Mirador is clearly a project CAP realized for the community. It doesn’t contribute to the actual aviation sector in a direct way, however, it’s a positive contribution that has changed and greatly enhanced the experience of the visiting public for the better.

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