Published On: Tue, Feb 3rd, 2015

THE YELLOW HOUSE dedicates this article especially for our male readers!

IMG_6562Where are almost at the end of the fun filled Carnival season; a few weeks filled with fun Carnival activities ending until the middle of the night, in the weekend as well as in the weekdays.

There is a way to look fresh faced the next working day at the office, without any of your colleagues knowing you went overboard the previous. Your question as to how?

The Yellow House answer this with BIOTHERM HOMME!

Ok, we’ll elaborate on this.

BIOTHERM HOMME High Recharge Eye Shot!

This product livens one’s eye area right upon application, an instant anti-fatigue cold massager gel. The 3 metal sphere balls housed in the applicator, give an icy cold sensation.

Similar to the effect of an ice cube melting on your skin.

The gel spreads easily and has a non-oily texture; leaving your skin feeling plump and hydrated.

BIOTHERM HOMME High Recharge Eye Shot fights against the visible signs of fatigue around the eyes:

- Deflated eye bags
- Attenuated dark circles
- Refreshed and hydrated eye contour

Results from a self-assessment by 60 men (25-45 years, all skin types):

- The product leaves a sensation of freshness, for 82% of men
- Allows an easy massage of eye contour, for 90% of men
- Skin of eye contour feels hydrated, for 82% of men

THE YELLOW HOUSE  recommends you BIOTHERM HOMME High Recharge Eye Shot.

Incorporate BIOTHERM HOMME High Recharge Eye Shot to your morning ritual this Carnival season.

Wave BYE BYE to under eye bags and darkness!

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