Published On: Mon, Oct 29th, 2012

This is how you rock your man purse!

The rise of the (man+purse= MURSE) part 2

Like marriage, reading “ fifty shades of grey” and following the plot of the latest Batman film, carrying a man bag takes upper commitment. Before going out in the world to shop for your man bag, think about what you want to look like. This will help you pre-determine the approximate shape and style you desire, and keep you from getting sidetracked by the many options available.

Proportion is everything. Consider your physical size in relation to the prospective man bag. Choose one that is directly proportional to your overall physique. If you are a smaller man, a large man bag will make you appear even smaller. It goes the same for the portly man with a princess-sized man bag.It has to do with the contrast principle, and how the girl of your dreams appears that much more dreamy when standing in a crowd of folks who are not aren’t let say, that attractive.
Your man bag should help communicate you. Black leather bags are too businesslike and brief-cases are so 2001.The dimensions, materials, finishes, fabrics and colors have busted out in a rainbow of twill, canvas, leather, a fine cotton canvas soaked in wax, the type originally developed for sails. In other words, man bags come in forms that insinuate you may be anything from very traditional or not.

Quality counts. Like a cheap bad tailored suit that hangs clumsily off your body, a cheap man bag makes its presence known quickly and creates a bad impression. Don’t rely on a steep price or A-brand whether a bag is quality: examine the leather, lining and stitching to determine its quality level. On a practical level, a pricey-but-worth-it bag is an investment, outlasting a cheap bag by many years.
Avoid backpacks. It is very difficult to look like a serious grown-up with one of those great-outdoors-type backpacks, unless you are on a mountaintop somewhere in South America. It gives off a vibe similar to that of carrying a lunch to school.

Last but not least, don't worry about matching shoes to the bag. There's nothing wrong this fall with carrying a brown leather shopper with suede patent boots. If your still doubting on considering a men bag. Start off by buying an I-pad, which brings the perfect excuse to get a bag to carry it in around.

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