Published On: Mon, Oct 20th, 2014

Treatment for hair loss

Hair lossThat agonizing moment when you look in the mirror and notice less hair on your head. We at The Yellow House know the frustration of going though this, day in and day out.

Know that there is a solution!

A few factors that trigger hair loss:

  • Genes
  • Hormones
  • Age

The earlier hair loss occurs, the more severe it is. The earlier it is treated, the quicker it can be delayed!

Phyto haircare line, available at The Yellow House in Fokkerweg, has a range of hairloss treatment products, that can assist in restoring a healthy mane; this by incorpurating Phyto's haircare products in your daily haicare regimen.

Action must therefore be taken by prolonging the hair cycle before it has finished. The aim is to focus on the degeneration of the hair follicle (the root) in order to trigger metabolism with the stem cells.

Daily use of Phytostim, prevents nascent hair loss, by slowing down the hair loss and promoting growth with direct action on the follicle. Prepare the scalp with a deep treatment, such as Phytopolleine, to restore and stimulate the scalp.

If hair loss is chronic or severe, Phytolium 4 is an intensive treatment to prolong the life of the hair and prevent the premature occurence of the cycles to follow. The existing hair is then stimulated, its lifespan is increased and the future hair is preserved.

On the strength of many patents and 40 years of research, Phyto's anti-hair loss products have been subjected to clinical tests to show their effectiveness and excellent tolerance. Phyto has become a leading expert in the field of anti-hair loss treatments.

The results from Phytostim are surprising and positive, because during a clinical study conducted on 20 volunteers, the anti-hair loss effect has been proven in 86% of cases after 8 weeks of use. Phytolium 4, the product with 4 patents, shows the anti-hair loss effectiveness to be at 88% with a growth coefficient of +39%. This clinical study was conducted under dermatological supervision on 28 people.

Visit Phyto counter at The Yellow House in Fokkerweg for a personalized consultation, and be on your way to a full and healthy mane.

The Yellow House looks forward to your visit.

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