Published On: Thu, Oct 30th, 2014

Unique Coca Cola bottles

Coca Cola1A few years ago, Coca Cola launched a campaign in Israel and Europe to print popular names on hundreds of millions of bottles, using Israeli technology powered by Indigo a division of HP printers under “share a coke” promotion, which was first introduced in Australia back in 2011.

This year Coca Cola of Israel produced over 2 million bottles of diet coke in different sizes, in a massive campaign describing consumers as “Unique”, and that within each of them there is something that is extraordinary.

They have put into design, millions of different patterns and colors where no bottle looks like Coca Cola2the other, those designs were generated through a special algorithm technique in printing, accompanied with billboards, ads, branded gifts for consumers on points of sales, like t-shirts that have the same design as the ones they have on their bottles.

The company reported that after the launch some printed bottles were advertised on eBay for as much as 15 $ a bottle.

In addition, Coca Cola will be introducing its new low calorie drink “the Coca Cola life”; it contains less sugar because it’s sweetened with sugar and stevia, a plant extract 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Coca Cola3It comes in a green can or in a bottle with green stripe, it is developed in response to a growing demand for less sugary drinks, it’s already launched in America, UK, Argentina and will be in Australia by next year.

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