Published On: Mon, Oct 28th, 2013

Unveiling portraits of former Governor Goedgedrag

IMG_9119WILLEMSTAD – A memorable day for the last Governor of the Netherlands Antilles and the first Governor of Curacao, former Governor Frits Goedgedrag when his portrait was unveiled on October 24 of this year at the Governor’s mansion in Willemstad. The unveiling took place in the presence of Acting Governor, Mrs. Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede, Mr. and Mrs. Goedgedrag and their son Martin, as well as a number of invited guests including representatives from 21 companies and institutions who gave a financial contribution to this project.

Since 1961, it is a tradition for the business sector, as a token of appreciation, to haveIMG_9083 two paintings made for the departing Governor, one to be displayed at the Governor’s mansion and one to be offered to the former Governor. This initiative was started by the late Richard C. Henriquez in 1961 and after his death it was taken over by Mr. Ron Gomez Casseres.

The portraits of Governor Goedgedrag were painted by Mrs. Bianca Berends. Mrs. Berends is a resident in Curaçao and is a portrait painter with an impressive portfolio of portraits. Despite the extensive experience of Ms. Berends with painting portraits, the painting of these historic portraits of an Aruban resident and Curaçao governor a unique challenge. Mrs. Berends managed to not only portray the physical but also the personality of Goedgedrag in an excellent manner.

IMG_9115After the unveiling of the official portrait of Governor Goedgedrag, which will be displayed in the portrait gallery of the Palace, there was a second painting unveiled in which the former Governor is portrayed in a more informal way. This portrait was donated to Mr. Goedgedrag by the business community as a way of recognition of the people for his services as the last Governor of the country Netherlands Antilles and as the first Governor of Curaçao.

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