Published On: Tue, Apr 24th, 2018

UoC: ‘A helping mindset among students is also a prerequisite for good examinations’

WILLEMSTAD - Recently, the management (Ms L. De Hooi, Mr. E. Sebelon and Ms. S. Lourens-Poulo) and mentors from VSBO St. Jozef organized a motivation meeting for their students who will soon take their final exams. During the meeting, students were encouraged to raise awareness about preparation for examinations by management (Ms S. Lourens-Poulo), two mentors (Ms G. Letterlee- Girigori and Ms N. Sambo), two experts (mrs. Dr O. van Brummen-Girigori and Dr P. Dijkstra) and also five former students (Ms. N. Mondesir, Ms. K. Clemencia, Ms. Z. Martie, Mr. G. Brownbill and Mw. J. Bartholomeus) that can be regarded as role models.

At the invitation of VSBO St. Jozef, dr. Odette van Brummen-Girigori and dr. Pieternel Dijkstra gave a presentation about a helping mindset. As part of this, all students who are about to take their final exams completed a questionnaire and checked for themselves so that they became aware of their own mindset. The speakers emphasized the importance of a helping mindset and the disadvantages of an inhibiting mindset (fixed mindset) in terms of final exams. Subsequently, the two speakers gave concrete tips on how the students can cultivate a helping mindset to increase the effectiveness of preparation for the final exams.

Finally, during their presentation attention was paid to a number of effective learning strategies that are mainly relevant in preparation for final exams. Both Dr Odette van Brummen-Girigori and Dr Pieternel Dijkstra thank VSBO St. Jozef for the invitation and wish the students of VSBO St. Jozef and the other students in Curaçao good luck with the preparations for their final exams.

Group photo st. Jozef pers

On the picture from left to right: G. Letterlee- Girigori, O. Van Brummen-Girigori, P. Dijkstra, S. Lourens-Poulo and N. Sambo

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