Published On: Mon, Aug 13th, 2012

With Cheese please…

WILLEMSTAD - One of the most common and famous food products we use in our daily meals is cheese. In Curacao we can find a great variety of cheeses. Starting with the Gouda cheese, this is the traditional Dutch cheese.  It is called Gouda to give tribute to a Dutch state called Gouda. Gouda cheese has many variations.

Maasdammer: that’s excellent for those who are looking to stay fit cause it  is 30 + which means less fat, has a mild taste and is very soft.

Old Gouda: this cheese is darker and has a more prominent taste and his consistency is harder 40 +.

Young Gouda: it has a lighter color than Old and Maasdammer his consistency is between hard and mild and is also 40+, it is called young cause the process to make it take less time than Old Gouda.

We also have a Gouda cheese that has cumin on it, and many more varieties. Besides those I mentioned above our stores, have many more varieties of international cheeses choices you can pick one? or you can taste all of them. More choices…

Venezuelans cheese: Those are mostly white, and their consistency is very different than Gouda.

  • Ranchero : has a hard consistency is very salty , great on salads and melted
  • Paiza: has a soft  consistency is also white and has less salt.


  • Parmesan, cottage, mascarpone mozzarella,

French cheese:

  • Brie and Camembert,

Are you a cheese lover? If this did water your mouth while reading I recommend you to pay a visit to Curacao and taste those delicious treats.

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