Published On: Thu, Feb 6th, 2014

Young Windsurfing athletes from the ABC islands with excellent results at the St. Barth Fun Cup 2014

ABC TeamWILLEMSTAD - Last weekend, from January 31 to February 2, took place the 3rd edition of the St. Barth Fun Cup 2014, a Slalom/long distance windsurfing competition, which took place on the beautiful French Island of Saint Barthelemy. This year,equally as last year,the competition counted with the participation of top windsurfing legends and Mega World Champions,among the almost 70 experienced windsurfers from all around the world.The category divisions on this event were as follows: Grand Masters, PRO-Class, Women, Open Amateur and Youth Under 20, where all the participants of these five categories raced together on the open ocean,at more than two kilometers far from shore. There was also a separate category on a smaller course close to shore for the small kids up to 14 years old.

Among the seventy competitors, the ABC islands where well represented by Sara-Quita Ofringa professional Freestyle and SlalomMega World Champion from Aruba, by Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes (age 14) 2013 IFCA world Champion U-15 from Curacao, by the professionalFreestyle and Slalom MegaWorld Champion Taty Frans from Bonaire, by Aron Etmon (age 15) 2012 IFCA World Champion U-15 from Bonaire, and by his younger brother Oscar Etmon (age 13) also from Bonaire.During the three days of competition, the unbeatable racing conditions, with winds between 20-25 knots, 30 knots wind gusts and rough choppy waters with 5 meters waves,made of this competition an athletic challenge even for the most talented participants.

Aron Etmon SurfingOn day 1, the competition started with winds shifting between 25 to 30 knots and an extremely rough sea, which tested the skills of all participants. During the whole day three heats were raced. On this day the PRO Taty Frans showed his strength and Slalom skills by slipping into the leading group, finishing in 4th place.  In the women Category, the Pro Sarah-Quita Ofringa keep most of the ladies and some men behind, ending in a good position among the group. Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes, who being the youngest (age 14) dared to race under these extreme conditions, ended also on a good position in the middle of the fleet. Aron Etmon, (age 15), did an excellent job, surprising everyone with his talent as he finished 12th among the whole group.

On day 2, the weather was cloudy with some rain, wind speeds of 18-25 knots shifting to the East and slightly smaller waves of 4 meters height, however, still challenging racing conditions.  On this day, after another three heats raced, the ABC islands’ team ended with good results: Taty Frans managed to end in second position among the group, Sara-Quita Ofringa ended second among the women, Aron Etmon moved to the eleventh position among the group, and Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes who missed the start of one of the heats due to the rough sea, recovered well, maintaining his position among the group. On this day also, Oscar Etmon who competed in the category of kids under 14, ended with good results winning two of the six heats, but eventually finishing in 4th place.

On the final day, day 3, two heats were raced. Taty Frans surfed very good defining his position on the top places. Sarah-Quita Ofringa had some problems with her equipment, missing one heat, this slightly moving her behind one place on her category.  Aron Etmon did again a good job by maintaining his great results among the top 12.  Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes surfed well the two last heats, slipping forward a couple of places among the whole fleet. In the kids under 14, Oscar Etmon had some trouble with the wind and waves as he was overpowered with a big sail, which made him move behind some places.

FINAL RESULTS: In the highest Category, the PRO-Class, Taty Frans from Bonaire won 2nd Place overall, right behind Antoine Questel, who won the first place, being the overall winner of the St Barth Fun Cup 2014. The 3rd place was for Alexandre Cousin.In the women category, Sarah-Quita Ofringa from Aruba couldn’t make it to the podium but ended in a good 4th place. The winner of the women category was Delphine Cousin.

In the Youth U-20, Aron Etmon from Bonaire, surprised everyone with a very good2nd place, and an excellent 12th place overall.In the same category, Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes from Curacao couldn’t make it to the podium this time, but got a good place overall in the middle of the fleet, considering that he was the youngest participant among the adults and youth, and considering the extreme weather conditions. The winner of the youth U-20 was the 19 years old Lucas Dargent. In Grand Masters the winner was Jean-Marc Peyronet and in Amateur Edson Genipa. In the kids category, Oscar Etmon couldn’t make it to the podium, however he did a good job overall.

We want to extend our most sincere thanks to INSEL AIR for sponsoring the transport of the several surf bags of the Bonaire and Curacao team, and for transporting all gear without any incident sharp on time. Also a special thanks to the sponsors: Goisco, Severne Sails, Starboard, Windsurfing Curaçao, Maui Sails, Princess Sportsgear. Netvision,We would like to thank all these sponsors very much for all the years of support and faith in our windsurfers. Without any of these sponsors this trip couldn’t be possible. For more information you can click on the link and on Facebook on the link

On the picture of the ABC team: from left to right: Sarah-Quita Ofringa, Aron Etmon, Oscar Etmon, Taty Frans and Jean Paul Da Silva De Goes. On the picture surfing: Aron Etmon CUR-2

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