Published On: Thu, Dec 13th, 2012

Curaçao Technology Exchange Is Building The Next Generation Data Center

A young and innovative company is building the most advanced Tier-IV data center facility in the Caribbean and Latin America, on the island of Curacao, 180 feet above sea level.

WILLEMSTAD – Curaçao Technology Exchange (CTEX) announced that it is building within its data center a major landing station for various regional cable operators.

"There’s been plenty of buzz this year about data centers and everything including your refrigerator moving to the cloud. There’s also been quite a bit of news about the big players building new data centers in new markets in an attempt to capture market share. Companies are looking to move it all to the cloud through a combination of private and hybrid infrastructures. And if that weren’t enough then prepare yourself for a new world of unified computing infrastructures that promise to take the guess work out of configuring some of the most complex cloud platforms. Provisioning promises to occur in minutes, rather than the traditional weeks or months to get servers and storage racked and stacked," says Jay Offerman and independent analyst.

Mr. Offerman continues, "As the need for data centers continues to grow so too are the dynamics of building state of the art facilities. And while in the past, buyers of data center services looked towards North America, Europe and other developed countries there is a new breed of data centers coming to the market. Not so long ago, data centers were built to support a maximum of 5 KW per rack. That meant that power and cooling were all setup to accommodate the necessary infrastructure for powering and cooling such demand. Now you can easily find installations where high density cloud computing infrastructures demand 10 to 15 KWs per rack. These new high density cloud computing models are rendering current data centers obsolete. Sure, you can rewire the facility and build in new cooling infrastructures, but the risks of outage and disrupting customer operations is huge and often not worth the cost."

Corporations are scouring the planet to find new destinations, new data centers that are built to accommodate highly secured computing infrastructures. Obtaining a facility with the highest possible rating, including the Uptime Institute’s TIER-IV rating, ranks amongst some of the key desires of leading CIOs. Also, 100% uptime is no longer a pipe dream but a reality using today’s highly redundant infrastructures.

"While there are many projects to talk about, there is one that is creating alot of buzz in the market. The name of the company is CTEX which stands for Curacao Technology Exchange. This young innovative company is building the most advanced Tier-IV data center facility in the Caribbean and Latin America, on the beautiful island of Curacao, 180 feet above sea level. The company recently received the 2012 DatacenterDynamics award for having the most sophisticated design in the region. Curacao sits outside the hurricane belt and major seismic zones and offers various significant fiscal benefits including zero import duties on critical computing equipment. CTEX is building four facilities, each 57,000 square feet in size, offering a unique combination of cloud computing, collocation, disaster recovery office suites, managed services and much more. The company is building its facilities using insulated concrete forms from a company called Greenblock ( which ultimately means CTEX is a military grade bunker facility consisting of 8 inch thick solid insulated concrete walls," says Mr. Offerman.

The facility which is being built to exceed category V hurricanes and seismic activity (even though Curacao sits outside these hazardous zones) has many unique design characteristics, including the fact that it’s built to support low, medium and high density computing infrastructures-- all under one roof. The founders believe that while cloud computing demand will continue to grow, so will the demand for collocating traditional computing infrastructures as more companies rely on third parties to host their critical infrastructures. Therefore, creating three separate pods each with varying design characteristics means the company can effectively match customer demands with the right infrastructure. Each building has been designed to run 10 days on its own power generation plants without refueling. The company is also first in line to leverage a unique sea water air conditioning system (SWAC) built by the local government which will further help improve its PUE ratios.

To top it all off, while Curacao today plays host to five major submarine cables, three more cables are set to be routed through Curacao including the recently announced 100G Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS) spanning 6000km. This new cable system which is a funded by a group of telecommunication operators including Telefonica Cable & Wireless, Telconet, and others will be the newest fiber link between North America, the Caribbean and Latin America. CTEX will house one of the most critical landing stations for this new cable infrastructure-- thus becoming a major aggregation point for regional traffic.

Schneider Electric, CISCO Systems, VCE, Lee Technologies and others have announced their involvement with the CTEX data centers. The first data center is scheduled to go into production in the summer of 2013. So if you are looking for a high-end data center, CTEX is likely to meet and exceed your expectations and be a worthwhile alternative.

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