Published On: Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

Inova Solutions received an exclusive invitation by Microsoft Executive, Judson Althoff

On November 8, 2017, The CEO of Inova Solutions, Hans Kruithof, and COO of NetPro, John van Wezel, attended an exclusive meeting with none other than Microsoft Executive VP, Mr. Judson Althoff and Peter Elmgren of the Microsoft Executive team.  The meeting took place in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Mr. Althoff is the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft Corporation and was in Costa Rica to converse with some of the most innovative partners and business leaders in the region.

Inova has been one of the most prominent Microsoft Solutions Provider with an impressive track record and numerous ‘Partner of the Year’ awards representing several countries within the Region. Having been in the spotlight at ‘Microsoft Inspire’ last July, this obviously created curiosity to know more about Inova's journey to success.

During the meeting Inova showcased itself by highlighting their vision, growth, current operations, future endeavors, particularly ‘Digital transformation’ and how to get there.

This led to an open discussion in which could be concluded that “We all need to change the way we transact IT business”. It is not only crucial for Microsoft and partners like Inova Solutions, but also the customers to comprehend that purchasing IT will be way different and that the focus should be more on the usage and the experience. Digital transformation comes from within an organization, thus from the business itself and is not only reliant on their IT organization.

Furthermore, the needed prerequisites to ensure that the Caribbean will be able to enjoy the full Cloud Experience were discussed, meaning that telecommunications, IT organizations and companies like Microsoft need to improve the internet infrastructure to prevent latencies.

Mr. Althoff and Mr. Elmgren was very enthusiastic towards Inova Solutions and even went as far to refer to Inova as an “Exemplary Partner”. Inova Solutions proved to be a committed, trustworthy and dynamic Microsoft partner. On behalf of Inova Solutions, it was an honor to meet Microsoft Executive VP, Mr. Judson Althoff and Microsoft Executive Mr. Peter Elmgren. It was a successful and exceptional occasion!


From left to right: Mr. Peter Elmgren (Microsoft), Mr. Hans Kruithof (Inova Solutions), Mr. Judson Althoff (Microsoft) and Mr. John van Wezel (NetPro).

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