Published On: Tue, Dec 15th, 2015

Intelligent Software changes the way organizations allow you to wait in line

QLessImagine if you never had to stand in line again...if every time you showed up somewhere, it immediately was your turn to go. Imagine how many things you could get done during the day instead of standing in lines and waiting for hours.

Standing in waiting-lines or having to wait for hours in waiting-rooms has been a major community problem for over a thousand years now. Strangely with all the advancements in technology, this major problem hasn't changed much over the last millennium.

Did you know that the average person spends a full two years of their life standing in line? That’s an astonishing seven hundred and thirty days of your line spent waiting for service! This waiting phenomenon has proved to slow down our economy, as you might have experienced to be forced to post-pone certain appointments, just because you had to be present in a waiting room for 1-3 hours.

The problem of standing in line isn’t a matter of if you have to wait, but more so the way you have to wait. How many people have waited for 2 hours in a waiting-room, just to receive a service that took less than 5 minutes? This inefficient model of waiting can be very frustrating. To many it comes as a surprise that there is very little effort being done by the service-based organizations that have the longest waiting-times, until now!

QLess, a Mobile Queue Management solution that uses mobile devices to physically eliminate the need to wait in line for good.

It allows you to input their phone number via SMS, Call-In or Website, and hold their place in line while they are waiting. It notifies you about your waiting time via SMS text message alerts, If a user is told they'll be paged in about an hour, that person can go shop around or grab a cup of coffee, etc, and receive a text 15 minutes before their appointment or reservation is met, so they can be sure to be back on time.

QLess frees you to roam freely so you can run errands, grab a cup of coffee, go to other appointments, relax at home or anything else you would do with your free time – instead of spending your time just waiting in a waiting-room.

This system is also fairly interactive; people can request more time or a status update after a designated time or even leave the line and get back in line at any time. While QLess is a technological investment for medium and large companies & institutions, the plus for establishments is:

  • They have less grumpy customers standing/sitting around;
  • Far less people walking away;
  • They are able to create a more efficient and positive environment to deliver their services;
  • An improved bottom-line by increasing the daily client-processing capacity;
  • And many more.

It’s a win-win situation for every party involved.

Qless is operational and has saved over thirteen hundred years worth of people’s time on five continents in over 100 cities. Qless can be found in Government, Retail, Colleges and Universities, Healthcare Providers and Industrial Companies. A few worldwide known current Qless clients are for example: T-Mobile, Vodafone, Toyota, Apple, Herbalife, Datz, Brazil Public Healthcare, various government institutions out of Kansas, Denver, Tennessee, Michican and many more.

Qless will be available in the entire Caribbean region within the next two years, starting with Curaçao. With your support we will eliminate the act of standing in line from the face of the earth!

Are you interested in implementing QLess in your organization, contact us for more information:

Roger Matthes | Regional VP | Caribbean

M: (+599) 9 515-9290
T: (+599) 9 844-0005
 A: Chuchubiweg 17 | Cas Cora | Curaçao

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